Broodmare Division

Lambholm South's broodmare division consists of four barns with a total of 80 stalls, and encompasses more than 1,000 acres of rolling green pastures devoted solely to the care of broodmares and foaling. 

Our foaling facility is completely separate from all other areas of the farm.  It consists of seventeen spacious stalls for post foaling mares as well as three double sized foaling stalls.

Another barn is utilized for open mares that are placed under lights and teased regularly to determine the optimal time for breeding.  Mares are also checked on a regular basis by top veterinarians specializing in equine reproduction.  Our staff veterinarian is onsite and available twenty four hours a day.  The additional barns are utilized for pregnant mares as well as mares and their new foals.  Each and every mare and foal is inspected twice daily by our staff each of whom has many decades of experience in broodmare and foal care.